About Us

Hi, I’m Mike. Over the past year, I have been busy with home improvement, as well as enjoying outdoor living and nature.

If you’re reading in a certain year in the 21st century, you will probably understand why!

Lots of people have gotten into home improvement and gardening over the past year, spending time outdoors in their yard and indoors renovating and making tweaks to their home.


I started Home Goliath to share useful information and resources on the home improvement, DIY and gardening / yard-related topics I am most interested in (and my fiance too!).

I hope it is also useful to you and that you find the topics and content useful and engaging, and maybe even pick up more than a tip or two.

Here’s to great homes and gardens for us all to love and enjoy!

Affiliate Disclaimer: Some links on this site are affiliate links, meaning I may earn a commission should you click through and purchase something. Thanks if you do, it helps support this site and keeps the lights on!