Can You Pour Concrete Over Grass?

Do Cinder Blocks Need to be Filled?

Does pouring concrete over grass work? The answer is no, for most situations, and yes sometimes. It depends. Generally, pouring concrete works best as a well-thought-out and planned event. Concrete can quickly get expensive, especially …

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Can Bamboo Break Through Concrete?

bamboo near concrete

Bamboo is a plant that’s earned a reputation for being strong, resilient, and—under the right circumstances—highly invasive. But just how tough is it? Can it, say, bore through a concrete foundation or sidewalk? The answer may surprise you.

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How To Clean A Concrete Patio

The Right Way To Clean An Unsealed Concrete Patio

Driveways and patios made out of concrete are the most durable, affordable, and practical structures. With the emergence of modern design trends, people are adding more character to the otherwise dull grey surfaces.

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4 Tips For Constructing A Block Wall

concrete blocks

Residential and commercial construction work primarily uses hollow-core blocks or concrete masonry units along with a mix of gravel, aggregate, and Portland cement.

Sometimes fly ash bricks or bricks made from industrial waste materials are also used.

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