When Can You Walk On New Concrete?

walking sign on concrete path

The moment a contractor pours freshly prepared concrete, the most common question arises. How long does the concrete need to dry before someone can walk on it? It is essential to take proper care of newly laid concrete during the drying phase.

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What Concrete Slump Do You Need?

concrete slump preparation

At the time of mixing any type of concrete, it is essential to measure first the consistency of the mix using the concrete slump testing procedure.

Always check the fluidity of the concrete mix before laying it into a structure, as it ensures that the concrete is workable and will set properly.

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Is It Okay If It Rains After Pouring Concrete?

Is It Okay If It Rains After Pouring Concrete

Properly preparing the concrete mix and timing the pour is essential to prevent damage on freshly laid concrete surfaces.

Some contractors build protective enclosures around the work site using plastic sheets and wood. This helps prevent rainwater from collecting on the concrete surface.

If there is not much protection, it’s best to direct the water off the concrete surface before finishing.

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