How Thick Should Thinset Be for Tile?

tiled bathroom

There are different kinds of mortars. When it comes to floor tiles, mortar thinset (or simply thinset) is the one you must use. But there are also various types of thinset.

One good strategy is the use of thinset mortar to suit the tile’s warpage. Yet, you must get the right tile mortar thickness, otherwise, you’ll have an imbalanced structure. And this depends on the type of materials you’re using and the required height of the tiled surface. 

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Best Stain Colors For Pine Ceiling

Best Stain Color For Pine Ceiling

A pine ceiling can complete the look of a house. It makes a bold statement and can be used in many ways to create different patterns. It just looks so darn amazing!

Even so, now you have that pine ceiling, how are you going to finish it? Maybe you actually just want to update an old pinewood ceiling that has been looking drab for years.

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How To Paint Baseboards With Carpet

How to paint baseboards with carpet

You don’t have to be a DIY professional to learn how to paint your baseboards with a carpet. It’s important to make sure your carpet is safe from paint splatters before you begin. You can lay down masking tape and slide it underneath your baseboard with a putty knife to protect your carpet.

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How To Remove Acrylic Paint From Carpet

how to remove acrylic paint from carpet

When it comes to the carpet in our home, it is easy to take one look at it and wonder if it would just be much easier to have full hardwood flooring. As you are probably aware, whether it is from coffee finding its way over the top of the mug, or children with art supplies, accidental spills are bound to happen.

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How To Tile Around A Window Without Trim

How To Tile Around A Window Without Trim

Tiling around a window without trim is no small feat. The process is always tricky – without the proper measurements or cuts, you risk finishing up with a wonky window that’s unfit for purpose. Tiling around a window without trim can be even more challenging.

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How To Cut Tile Around Your Toilet

How to Cut Tile Around Toilet

When it is time to cut the tiles around the toilet, it can cause a feeling of anxiousness. Who wants to get it wrong, afterall? However, did you know it is actually much easier than you think, you just need the right tools and the know-how.

The difficult part is cutting around curves, but when you have done it once it will become easy peasy. Follow this guide to master cutting tiles around a toilet with a professional finish.

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