What Size Is the Standard Outdoor Faucet?

Managing your utilities can be a time-consuming process that gets confusing quickly. Adding piping or making changes to existing plumbing is no easy task, especially if you have to contend with the great outdoors at …

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Do Weeds Grow Fast or Slow?

weeds on lawn

Weeds are the bane of any homeowner. Whether you’re dealing with a dandelion invasion or creeping crabgrass, these suckers seem to pop out of nowhere.

So, do weeds grow fast or slow compared to your grass?

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How Fast Can a Lawnmower Go? 

lawn mower speed

The need to do chores faster is a significant reason most people ask, “How fast can a lawnmower go?” Whether or not you see the blades, you see the speed at which your lawnmower levels the grass. And it’s only normal to wonder if it can go any faster.

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What to Do with Your Lawn After Scarifying?


A lawn is only as beautiful as the care it gets. One of the ways of caring for a lawn is by scarification. It is possible to scarify your lawn and not see results. This is because many people do it wrong, and why it’s time to talk about lawn scarification!

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How Can I Dispose of Old Lawn Equipment?

old lawn mower

It’s spring once again, and this time, you’ve decided to head out, get a new lawnmower and other lawn equipment ready to make your lawn looking beautiful again. But what about the old lawn equipment …

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