What Is the Difference Between Portland Cement and Quikrete?

Unlike many other things out there, Portland cement and Quikrete are not the same things. Portland cement is a cement mixture, while Quikrete is concrete. The difference between cement and concrete is that concrete is cement with additional additives.

The main difference between Portland cement and Quikrete is that you’ll need to mix sand or additional additives to your Portland cement, while Quikrete comes pre-mixed and ready to go. Here are other key differences between the two.

Portland Cement Vs. Quikrete

When it comes to the building race, there are many things to learn about Portland cement vs. Quikrete.

Portland Cement

Portland cement is a fine powder produced from limestone and clay that’s heated in a kiln.

This type of cement is pure and gets mixed with other ingredients to form concrete, stucco, mortar, and even grout. Portland cement is the most common type of cement and is not actually a brand name at all.

Since you have to add additional components to this cement for it to reach its full potential, those that want to get into home DIY projects that require this cement may encounter a learning curve.

Key Characteristics:

  • Pure cement with no added components
  • Used around the world in commercial and industrial industries
  • It is not a brand name, but simply the most common type of cement out there
  • Usage comes with a learning curve


Quickrete is a brand name for pre-mixed concrete. Not only that, but Quikrete is the largest manufacturer of pre-mixed concrete, with over 200 products homeowners can use when it comes to concrete home renovations.

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difference between portland cement and quikrete

These bags include the same main ingredients: cement, sand, and aggregate stone. Additional components get added for faster setting and drying times, depending on the product.

Since both have the same ingredients, regular concrete and Quikrete have the same strength and durability. You can pick up either one from your local hardware store instead of going to a factory to get it mixed.

Since everything is in one bag, it’s very beginner-friendly.


  • Pre-mixed concrete
  • Has 200 products for homeowner’s use
  • It is a brand name of mixed concrete
  • Easy-to-use, making it beginner-friendly

It Depends on How You Use It

When it comes to choosing between Portland cement and Quikrete, it all depends on what you plan to use it for. Construction professionals prefer mixing their concrete, and so Portland cement is typically the option for them.

On the other hand, a homeowner who wants to renovate and keep everything simple might gravitate towards Quikrete instead.

Whichever option you choose, ensure you’re following instructions on usage and the drying times required.