Is Travertine Tile Outdated?

When you’re choosing flooring or materials for a kitchen backsplash or bathroom, you may wonder if travertine tile is outdated. Is it in style now, or will it make your home look dated?

Some say travertine tile’s natural beauty will never be out of style, while others think it’s an outdated look. Here we’ll look at travertine tile and whether it’s gone out of fashion, plus we’ll answer some frequently asked questions about travertine tile.

What is Travertine Tile?

Travertine is a type of limestone or calcium carbonate that has been exposed to heat and pressure from the earth’s crust.

The material’s natural beauty is created by minerals dissolved in groundwater that are then deposited on the earth’s surface by rivers or springs. Much of the world’s travertine tile is produced in Turkey, but Italy and Mexico are also among travertine-mining countries.

A material that has been used since ancient times, travertine has seen popularity over the years as a material for flooring as well as for backsplashes and other tile décor. It can be used in its natural state or can be polished for a shiny finish.

For those who don’t have the budget for travertine tile or the time for its upkeep, there are porcelain tiles that are designed to look like natural travertine tile.

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When Was Travertine Tile Popular?

Travertine tile became popular in the late mid-century period as well as in the 1980s when the look of a Tuscan kitchen was all the rage. Because travertine tile was so popular during that time, the pendulum swung away from travertine and toward dark granite shades.

Travertine’s advantages and natural beauty still make it a great choice for homes with shades of cream, beige, and brown.

Is Travertine Tile Out of Style?

Opinions on whether travertine is on-trend for homes now are mixed. Travertine’s natural beauty makes it a classic, some say, while others favor lighter quartz stone or granite. It’s worth noting that today travertine is used to achieve a clean farmhouse style instead of that 1980s kitchen in Tuscany.

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Travertine Tile FAQs

You may still have questions about travertine tile, whether it’s in style, and ways it could be used in your home. These frequently asked questions in this ultimate guide to travertine tile may give you the answers you need.

Does Travertine Tile Require Special Care?

Travertine tile is porous, so you’ll need to clean up any spills quickly, so they don’t settle into the tiles’ tiny bubbles formed by carbon dioxide when the travertine stone was formed.

Sweeping and vacuuming travertine floors is recommended, as is mopping with a damp or dry mop with a non-acidic cleanser. Sealing travertine floors annually will prevent stains on the light travertine tiles. After a travertine floor has been sealed, use gentle cleansers to clean it to extend the life of the sealant.

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Is Travertine Tile Durable?

Travertine is very durable, which makes it a popular choice among families. While travertine is an investment on the front end, those who choose these natural tiles for their flooring can enjoy it for years. The one caveat, though, is that spills on travertine tile should be cleaned up immediately to prevent the tiles from being stained.

What Color Is Travertine Tile?

Travertine comes in colors ranging from ecru and beige to brown and gray, but the natural colors of travertine can also have undertones of red, green, and rust. These colors complement wood tones and some of the neutral shades popular in home décor today.

What Kind of Finish Does Travertine Tile Have?

Travertine tile has a matte look naturally, and many like that finish, but the tiles can also be polished for a shiny finish. Natural travertine is the least expensive option.

Where Are the Best Rooms for Travertine Tile?

Travertine can be used for flooring throughout your home and is also popular as a wall treatment for showers and bathroom sink areas and in kitchens as a backsplash material. Because travertine is porous, seal the tiles to prevent stains if used as a countertop material.

Where Are the Best Rooms for Travertine Tile

Is Travertine Tile Expensive?

Travertine averages about $15 per square foot, making it less expensive than marble, which is about $20 per square foot. Among natural stone materials, it’s considered a midrange material in cost. However, it provides durability like marble as well as natural beauty.

Travertine can vary in price depending on its finish. Natural travertine is the least expensive option, with polished travertine being higher in price.

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Is Travertine Tile Right for Me?

Travertine tile is a great choice for your home if you like the natural look and color of the stone and have the budget for it. Travertine tile is very durable, but it will need to be sealed each year to prevent staining. If the price or maintenance of travertine tile seems too high, porcelain tiles that mimic the look of travertine are available.

Will Travertine Make My Home Look Dated?

Back to the original question of whether travertine is out of date – the answer is, “it depends.”

If your home has the 1980s version of travertine and the stone shows wear and tear or stains that settled into the porous stone, then travertine might make your home’s style look stale. If your travertine is more ornate or brings to mind villa décor, it may make your home look outdated.

However, if your travertine floor or wall treatment is in a classic style, its sleek look and soothing natural tones make it a timeless choice that will coordinate well with today’s décor trends.

Well-maintained existing travertine floors, backsplashes, and baths, and new ones are a classic choice that won’t look dated.

The question you should always ask when considering home décor is whether it makes you happy. If you have the budget for it and have the time to maintain it and seal it annually, travertine can be a great option for those looking for natural stone options for their home.

Will Travertine Make My Home Look Dated