17 of the Best Places To Buy Secondhand Furniture Online

So, why buy secondhand furniture online? That answer is simple, with the ability to search through numerous websites, you can double, triple, or even quadruple the chances of finding the perfect addition to your home or apartment.

In addition, with multiple websites offering countless unique pieces of furniture from around the country, you can more readily find something that suits your tastes and needs.

Why You Should Purchase Secondhand Furniture Online

Purchasing secondhand furniture shops online differs from buying from a physical store. The first significant difference is that you can’t see the actual condition of the piece. Instead, you will have to rely on pictures and the seller’s statement of the piece’s condition.

The second significant difference is that you may need to have the items shipped to you instead of simply leaving with them after buying them at a physical store, which means incurring a delivery charge.

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The benefits of purchasing secondhand furniture online are the same as purchasing secondhand furniture in-store. Of those benefits, the biggest one is that buying secondhand furniture is more cost-effective.

Then there’s the added benefit of helping the environment by preserving natural resources.

Lastly, you can find truly unique pieces of furniture you can’t get anywhere else online.

Now let’s move on to the actual focus of this article, the seventeen of the best places to buy secondhand furniture online, compiled and broken down into the convenient list below for your perusal.

These seventeen websites have been organized and ordered for your benefit by the quality and trustworthiness of the pieces they offer.

Here are the 17 best places to buy secondhand furniture online.

1.  Kaiyo


Kaiyo is a secondhand online furniture marketplace that offers pre-owned pieces made to last. You can browse Kaiyo’s website for great pieces of furniture at a discounted price, from an Istikbal sleeper sofa to a vintage chinoiserie divider to a Kartell optic storage cube.

In addition, Kaiyo’s goal is to offer a service that provides its buyers with furniture that is well made while delivering exceptional customer care, all with the end goal of creating a more sustainable planet.

Additionally, Kaiyo plants a tree through the National Forest Foundation for every order completed on its website.

Best for: Perfect for those wanting to purchase high-end vintage or secondhand furniture at a medium-end price while promoting sustainability. Check out the website here.

2.  AptDeco


AptDeco is a secondhand furniture online marketplace based in New York City. AptDeco’s goal is to take the hassle out of buying large items secondhand. Fortunately, its curated collection of used furniture makes it easier to find the perfect addition to your home or apartment.

So, you’re sure to find an incredible piece at a steal from Ethan Allen to Anthropologie to West Elm.

Best for: Ideal for those on a tight budget hoping to purchase high-end secondhand furniture at a low-end price. Check out the website here.

3.  EBTH


EBTH (Everything But the House) is an online secondhand furniture marketplace that more than lives up to its title. EBTH carries some of the most wonderfully quirky antique pieces you won’t be able to resist, with some mid-century modern furniture available too.

It’s important to note that EBTH operates on a bidding system, so you have to bid the highest to win the piece. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to worry. You can still get that mid-century modern piece for a fraction of the cost elsewhere.

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Best for: An excellent option for those wanting to purchase unique antique pieces at a fraction of the cost. Check out the website here or download the app.

4.  Chairish


Chairish is an online marketplace (also available as an app for Android and Apple devices) for buying and selling chic-curated home goods. Chairish offers a little bit of everything, from furniture to art to lighting and even outdoor pieces.

Fortunately, Chairish is constantly adding new pieces to its catalog; with an estimated 2,000+ pieces added daily, you’re sure to find a unique vintage piece at a steal.

From vintage tapestries to mid-century figural planters to antique Chinese art deco rugs, a one-of-a-kind find is waiting for you.

Best for: Ideal for those wanting to purchase high-end vintage or secondhand furniture with a more flexible budget.

Check out the website here.

5.  1stDibs

1stDibs is one of the leading online marketplaces that connects high-end furniture lovers to more than one million unbelievable pieces of vintage, antique, and even refurbished furniture.

Thanks to its excellent platform, buyers can communicate with sellers throughout all the purchase stages, which includes negotiating prices.

In addition, to purchasing furniture, buyers can buy exquisite pieces of fashion and jewelry on 1stDib’s website.

Best for: An excellent option for those with money to spend and high-end taste. Check out the website here.

6.  Apartment Therapy Bazaar

Apartment Therapy Bazaar is a community-driven online marketplace for vintage designer furniture. Its mission is to help individuals buy and sell one million pieces of designer furniture at great prices.

So, you can buy vintage, antique, and secondhand designer furniture and home accessories at a steal, such as four upholstered Pottery Barn dining chairs, for $175.

Best for:  Those looking for local secondhand, vintage, or antique items at a medium-end to low-end price. Check out the website here.

7.  Sotheby’s

Sotheby’s is the place to go online for secondhand pieces from big-name designers.

Offering a broad array of all the luxuriant furniture of your dreams without the brand-new price tag attached, Sotheby is known as the world’s largest, most trusted online marketplace for art and secondhand furniture.

Best for: Ideal for those looking for high-end secondhand furniture and exquisite art with a bigger budget. Check out the website here.

8.  Sunbeam Vintage

Sunbeam Vintage

Sunbeam is the online marketplace and go-to stop for affordable and unique vintage pieces, with a vast selection of one-of-a-kind treasures at your fingertips, ready to be added to your home today.

Sunbeam genuinely goes all out with the vintage with a vintage Kodak automatic camera and vintage tape recorder, and an 80’s post-modern mirrored headboard available right now

Best for: Perfect for those looking for vintage furniture in L.A. at a low-end price. Check out the website here.

9.  Amsterdam Modern

Amsterdam Modern offers a wide variety of mid-century modern design secondhand furniture imported directly from Amsterdam and sourced from all corners of Holland.

Amsterdam Modern is one of the chicest vintage shops in L.A., providing genuine Amsterdam furniture and statement pieces of top-notch quality. Their modern online marketplace currently has over 400 pieces of high-quality secondhand furniture from Amsterdam, including sofas, desks, and abstract expressive art.

Best for: Excellent for those wanting to add a splash of Amsterdam to their living space with the money to spend. Check out the website here.


Rejuvenation’s online marketplace is an excellent stop for secondhand and vintage lighting. It offers a fun selection of pieces in various style options from several periods, including mid-century modern, industrial, traditional, and even classic revival.

In addition, Rejuvenation’s restoration studio lovingly restores each piece they sell, keeping them out of landfills and giving them new homes where they can help create new memories.

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Best for: A superb choice for those looking for vintage furniture from a specific historical style. Check out the website here.

11.Revival Rugs

Revival is the go-to website for affordable, one-of-a-kind handmade rugs and runners. Its vintage collection even has a beautiful, constantly changing array of Turkish and Moroccan rug imports to purchase.

Revival believes in providing its customers with well-made and well-cared-for rugs at an affordable price.

Best for: The place to go for those wanting to purchase a vintage Turkish or Moroccan rug on a tight budget. Check out the website here.


Pamono is a Berlin-based online marketplace that offers an incredible selection of European vintage and antique, contemporary furniture. You can get lost in their pages and pages of unusual, rare, cutting-edge vintage modern pieces. Pamono sources its pieces from around the globe, ensuring that it will always have something unique available.

Best for: Ideal for those wanting to purchase European-influenced vintage and antique furniture with the money to spend. Check out the website here.

13.Urban Americana

Urban Americana is a great online marketplace for secondhand furniture and home décor. Its 16,000-square-foot warehouse in Southern California houses 40 different dealers. Each dealer has their own style, vibe, and unique collection of furniture and decor.

Thanks to this, Urban Americana has something for everyone from mid-century modern, farmhouse, vintage industrial, or even quirky and colorful.

Best for: Perfect for those looking for a variety of secondhand furniture. Check out the website here.

14. Etsy

Etsy might be the place to purchase custom, artsy crafts, and items, but did you know it’s also an excellent place to buy secondhand and vintage furniture and decor?

Through Esty’s online marketplace exists a wide range of pieces, one-of-a-kind vintage, and secondhand pieces, from a blue Olivetti Lettera 32 typewriter to ammonite fossil pairs that are 100 million years old.

It’s all the thrill of browsing a yard sale without the need to wake up early and possibly fight that mean old gramma for that piece of vintage Americana at a steal.

Best for: Those that like to shop an estate sale but you don’t want to leave the comfort of their homes. Check out the website here.

15. eBay

Most people already know that eBay is an excellent place to purchase pre-owned items. Yes, that includes furniture from an extensive collection of choices of sofas, dressers, and even dining sets to desks, beds, and bookcases that suit any style.

Since anyone can sell on eBay (from stores to individual sellers) worldwide, eBay’s online marketplace has an incredibly huge selection of items.

With its large selection of items, it’s essential to take advantage of filters to narrow down what you want or need.

Best for: A good option for those who don’t mind searching for a good deal. Check out the website here.

16. Amazon


Amazon is an online mega-store offering everything to its customers, including used furniture and plenty of it. With authentic and modern secondhand and thrift furniture from licensed as well as approved furniture of modern and mid-century qualities.

However, with its enormous selection of items, it will take serious filtering and some dedication to a great deal that Amazon is sure to have. Select the “Used” filter to get started.

Best for: Those wanting to find high-end-looking furniture with a tight budget. Check out the website here.

17. Facebook Marketplace

In the past few years, Facebook Marketplace has exploded in popularity. It allows anyone to sell almost anything to anyone.

Similar to Craigslist, this is a great online marketplace to browse when searching for furniture near you; however, since each item for sale is attached to an individual’s account, it adds more accountability than Craigslist.

Facebook’s Marketplace is a good option for furniture flippers or those who want to find something at a great price near them and restore it themselves. When browsing, remember to search by the regions near, then filter down by the many categories.

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Best for: Ideal for furniture flippers looking for a local steal or DIY restorers looking for a new project. Check out the website here.

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Now that you’ve learned about seventeen of the best places to buy secondhand furniture online, you probably have some questions about buying or selling secondhand furniture in general.

So, for your convenience, we’ve compiled the most common questions about buying and selling secondhand furniture online and included their answers.

Hopefully, you find them informational and helpful in assisting you in purchasing and selling secondhand furniture online.

Why should I consider shopping online for secondhand furniture?

There are numerous places to shop for secondhand furniture. However, where you should shop depends on your needs and your budget.

That’s why this article was created to give you a starting point in the adventure that is purchasing secondhand furniture online.

What is furniture flipping, and is it worth it?

Essentially furniture flipping is buying a piece of secondhand furniture that is typically in bad shape or just sold cheap and selling it for a profit. Great furniture flippers can find a good piece of secondhand furniture, restore it at minimum cost and sell it for a profit.

So yes, furniture flipping is worth it if you know what you’re doing. It just takes a little know-how.

Can my used furniture be picked up from my home?

Can my used furniture be picked up from my home

If you’re selling your furniture online and don’t want to go through the hassle of delivering or shipping it, you can require that the buyer pick it up.

However, for your safety, it is essential to remember that giving out your address to an individual online is not always safe, so always proceed with caution.

Although, there are some online secondhand marketplaces like ArtDeco that have their own pickup teams that will pick up items from your location and get it to the buyer for you.

Keep an eye out for reputable secondhand, vintage, and antique online marketplaces like ArtDeco that offer this hassle-free service.

What are some problems when it comes to buying used furniture online?

When buying used furniture online, there are a few things to remember. Below are the three biggest problems buyers can encounter when purchasing secondhand furniture online.

First, furniture sizes can be deceptive. So before buying, ensure you know the exact measurements of the item you’re buying and the precise measurements of the space the item will occupy. Also, confirm whether or not you can get the item to the location you want.

For example, can you get that dresser up to your third-floor apartment with narrow stairs…probably not? You don’t want to purchase an item and realize that you can’t even get it to or place it where you desire.

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Second, since you’re purchasing secondhand furniture, returns can be tricky. Always ensure you know what an item’s return policy is beforehand. The return policy will significantly impact your decision to purchase the item.

Some sellers or online marketplaces sell items as is or ensure all sales are final after accepting them. Avoid putting yourself in such a situation by overlooking a simple but crucial part of a purchase.

Third, you could end up purchasing counterfeit furniture. Unfortunately, this is a big issue when purchasing through Amazon.

Williams-Sonoma sued Amazon in 2018 for knockoffs and lookalikes of their products sold through Amazon. So no matter where you are buying from, always proceed with caution; this doesn’t just include secondhand furniture but when purchasing anything.

Last but definitely not least, when it comes to secondhand items purchased online, you rely on the photos provided by the seller. So you cannot know the actual condition of the item you’re buying.

It could be in worse condition than advertised or even infested with bed bugs or termites.

This is, however, always a risk with buying anything secondhand, whether at a physical location or online, but the risk is greater online. So always proceed with caution and always know the return policy.