5 Tips for Applying Countertop Sealers

The countertops in your kitchen should be protected from cooking grease, watermarks, leaning chemicals, and food spatter. You can seal your concrete countertops yourself using tools like a roller, or a brush and sandpaper.

Sealing your countertops is an easy task, but the sealing process must be carried out slowly and carefully to get long-lasting results. However, some sealers like epoxy dry quickly.

So, ensure you work quickly by sticking to small areas at a time to prevent patchy across your countertop surfaces.

Here are the top five tips for applying countertop sealers.

#1. Set Aside Time

To seal a countertop properly, you’ll need to prepare it, apply the seal, and leave it for several hours to cure. Factor this in when considering when you next want to cook a meal!

Also, pets and kids should be kept out of the kitchen when sealing your countertops, because the fumes can be strong.

#2. Soak Your Countertops

Use a clean cotton rag that is not gritty and won’t scratch the surface to apply a clean coat of water to the concrete until you coat the entire countertop surface with water. This should darken your countertop slabs.

Give it a minute or two and then, using a new and dry cotton rag, ensure the entire surface is rinsed clean of dust, dirt and any residue that might interact with the sealant in the next step.

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#3. Dilute and Apply Sealer

Dilute your sealer with tap water so that it reaches a ratio of 35 percent sealer to 65 percent water. Before diluting it, please ensure you carefully read the manufacturer’s manual for your chosen sealer.

After that, apply light coats of sealer—multiple coats—onto the countertop with a pump sprayer or a paint roller.

Repeat four to six times before letting your countertop dry overnight. Also, remove excess sealer from the surfaces by wiping with a clean, dry cotton rag.

#4. Dry and Test

Let your sealer sit for 12 hours, and then test it. Pour a little water onto the surface and wait for 15 minutes.

If water seeps into the slab, use a clean rag to dry the remaining water, apply a few more coats, and let it dry overnight before retesting.

#5. Use the Right Seal

Your kitchen countertops need protection from damage. Getting the right sealer is not guaranteed, but the right one can go a long way in ensuring your concrete countertops retain their “like new” appearance.

Find a top-rated sealer approved by the certified manufacturer of your countertops, and don’t ignore reading the manual. Choose an indoor sealer that protects the counter from beverages and food for your kitchen countertops.


With proper care and the right products, you can enjoy your kitchen countertops without worrying about a spill of red wine or every splash of tomato sauce.

Remember these top five tips for applying countertop sealers for a safe, glossy, clean, and protected countertop!

You may find this video useful when approaching this key task:

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