What Color Doors Go With Gray Flooring?

Doors are very versatile when it comes to color. They are the perfect piece to use as a focal point to give a room a splash of personality. Many colors can be used on doors, depending on what you want to achieve.

The only rule that one should follow is to contrast the color of the door and floor. It is an important rule no matter the type of floor finish you have.

It helps retain the balance of the room’s interior by keeping the color of the floor and the walls from clashing with one another.

What color doors go with gray flooring?

Many colors can go with gray. We will go through some of the popular pairings that you can apply to your door and gray flooring to give your interior that beautiful look.

Our top door color recommendations for a gray floor are:

  • White
  • Gray
  • Black
  • Blue
  • Red
  • Natural exposed wood

Gray is a neutral color that goes well with almost any shade in the color wheel. However, it is still possible to make a mistake with the color of your door.

This article will prevent you from making a mistake when choosing your door color to partner with your gray floor.

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White classic doors always go with gray floors

White classic doors always go with gray floors

There is a reason why white is a classic door color. Like gray, white is a neutral color that complements well with any color found in your interior. Gray and white are both called earth-toned colors and perfectly match one another.

Go for a white-painted door, especially if  the shade of your gray floor is on the dark side. This balances the space by lightening the dark shade of gray, keeping the room from looking too dark.

You can never go wrong with a white-painted door, and it is perfect if you are looking for a contemporary interior design. I would opt for a matte finish on a door to make it look classy.

Gray on gray can work with doors and floors

A gray door and floor are perfect for you if you are after a modernism minimalist interior design. This monochromatic color scheme is tricky but creates a modern design space when done well.

You need to be particular about the shade of gray for your wall, floor, and door to have a contrast when choosing a monochrome gray color scheme. Go for the darkest shade of gray for your door.

Choose the lightest shade of gray you want for your walls. The floor can have a medium gray shade among the three. This is the best way to compliment the three critical aspects of your space when using a gray-on-gray color.


Black doors can be partnered with gray floors

Black-colored doors have become a popular favorite among the younger generation in recent years because they give a luxurious visual look whenever applied. Black is a good color for doors if you want to create a strong visual focal point.

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When matching a black door with gray floors, make sure that the shade of gray is very light. It is also good to note that a black door should be used with a light wall color like white or off-white to lessen the dark contrast in the space.

A black door can have a finish of glossy or matte. I recommend going for a matte finish, preventing the door from looking cheap.

Black doors can be partnered with gray floors

A blue-painted door is a beautiful pairing with gray floors

If you have a nautical beach-side interior concept in mind, go for a blue door with gray floors. This matching is one of the most popular go-to colors for a door and floor.

The splash of blue with a beautiful wood-paneled gray flooring really gives the space that beachside feel. Always go for a rich-colored shade when it comes to the color blue like navy blue or blue-green to achieve that beautiful contrast between your walls, floor, and door.

A blue-painted door is a beautiful pairing with gray floors
Two wooden blue, one dark blue, one light blue, Georgian style font doors to homes, against a white wall at the top of steps with metal banisters and windows at the top.

A red door makes a powerful statement

If you want a unique door color, red is your color. This vibrant color is perfect for modern contemporary and retro interiors. Always partner this door color with other shades of red across the room through accent pieces so that the door won’t look off.

When choosing the proper shade of red for your door, you can go for a pastel light color or a rich red, depending on the visual effect you are trying to achieve.

This color is perfect for the main door only because it will look messy when applied to multiple doors in a given space.

A red door makes a powerful statement

A natural wooden door is an excellent match with gray floors

If you want more of an earthy look, go for a naturally stained wooden door to compliment your gray flooring. Exposed wood grains on a door are always beautiful in any given space.

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The exposed texture of the door is an excellent choice when partnered with gray wood floor paneling.

It is best to use a natural wood stain for this option rather than one with hints of brown shade. In this way, you can reveal the wood grains on the door much better.

A natural wooden door is an excellent match with gray floors


Doors should always give a hint of what lies behind them. Whether it is a contemporary interior or a more adventurous concept design, always let your personality show itself through what you choose to color your doors. It is easy to select any color for a door to partner with gray flooring.

Just keep in mind these three hints, and you should have no problem. One, the neutral shade of gray is easily partnered with any color. It really depends more on what kind of interior feel you are going for. Two, remember that you want your door’s color to contrast the shade of your grey floors.

Three, go for a lighter shade of color door if you have a dark shade of gray flooring while going for a dark-painted door for a light gray flooring.