What Color Hardware Goes With Black Front Doors?

Your front door is the first thing visitors notice when they approach your house. It says so much about you. Does it give an impression of elegance and formality, or does it have a more relaxed and welcoming vibe?

A black front door will always have curb appeal. While the three most popular choices for handles, letter plates and numbers are brass, bronze or nickel – there are plenty of options.

Choosing the perfect hardware to contrast with the color can elevate the look. It will give your door a unique personality.

In this article, we’ll take a deep dive into the options. It will help you to determine what hardware color and finish works best for your black front door.

Let’s start with the basics

First, what’s included when we talk about door hardware (aka door furniture)? Well, it’s not only about doorknobs and numbers. It also includes letterboxes and even hinges.

To create a coherent look, it makes sense to ensure that all your door hardware has the same color, finish, and style. Most manufacturers offer complete ranges. This makes it easy to select several items which complement each other.

As a general rule, select door furniture that’s in keeping with the age and style of your home. A large shiny black door at a formal entrance needs hardware that makes more of a statement.

Oversized letter plates and handles in polished brass will look out of place on a smaller, more rustic-style door.

The key is to decide on the style and finish that matches your door, then keep it consistent across all fixtures. Contemporary door hardware is often defined by simplicity, with clean lines and a sleek finish.

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On the other hand, classic pieces tend to have ornate detailing and sculpted features.

Polished Brass

The beauty of polished brass, contrasted with a glossy black door, can be hard to beat. The dramatic pairing of gold and black is the perfect way to create an eye-catching look. It’s elegant and refined.

Brass did fall out of fashion for a while, perhaps because it needs to be polished regularly to keep its shine. Interestingly, recent research suggests that brass handles and doorknobs have antimicrobial and antibacterial properties. Which in these times, is an additional benefit.

Satin Brass

Perhaps you feel that the high-gloss finish of polished brass is too showy for your door. Satin brass, with its duller finish can give a warmer feel, while still retaining its elegance.

It’s a great choice when your black door has a matte or satin finish.

Satin Brass

Aged Bronze

Aged bronze is perfect when you want your door hardware to have a more subtle look that’s still full of character. It’s a great choice when you’re looking for a rustic feel, and works well with matte finishes.

Aged Bronze

Satin Nickel

So far, we’ve mainly looked at pairings with formal or traditional door styles. Satin nickel creates a glamorous and modern look. It makes the ideal introduction to 50s or 60s style interiors.

For door hardware that’s stylish and fun in equal measure, satin nickel could be a perfect choice.

Satin Nickel

Brushed Aluminum/Stainless Steel

So far we’ve looked at gold finishes. But for a modern, even industrial look, brushed aluminum makes a cool contrast with the black of your door. It can look great on large and traditional door styles but isn’t the best for more rustic properties.

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These metals have the advantage of being maintenance-free. Their durability means they’ll stay looking good for decades.

Brushed Aluminum,Stainless Steel

Matte Black

A very original choice. The choice of matte black hardware provides the subtlest contrast with the door’s high-gloss finish.

While it won’t make the black of your door ‘pop’, it can suggest a relaxed rustic interior. Most matte black hardware is made of zinc, so will be long-lasting and need little or no maintenance.

An alternative material is wrought iron. It’s available in a range of different styles – from the pared-back to the incredibly ornate. However, this tends to make more of a statement when placed against a door of contrasting color.

Matte Black

Tips to increase your front door’s curb appeal

If your front door is looking a little tired, but you don’t have the budget to replace it, don’t worry!

Besides changing the hardware and adding a lick of fresh paint, consider these simple hacks to give your door a fresh new look.


A wonderful and cost-effective way to give your black from door an instant upgrade. For formal doorways, choose two square planters to ‘frame’ the door. Whichever plants you select, for greatest impact go for a mass of brilliant red, purple or white flowers.

Paint terracotta planters to match your door trim. Or varnish natural wood to reveal its elegant natural beauty.


One of the best things about highlighting your entrance with planters is that you’ll be able to change the look according to the season (or your mood).

For example, around Christmas, striking poinsettias are an excellent decoration. Or mark the arrival of spring with a display of golden narcissi or tulips in a wild array of jeweled colors.

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Add drama to your front door with strategically- placed uplighters. Ensure they’re angled to reflect the shine of the gloss paint and the metal of your hardware.

Glass panels

If your door has glass panels, consider replacing these with new frosting or patterns matching the overall style.

Glass panels


Choosing the perfect furniture for your front door provides unique opportunities to express your style and creativity.

There are a few rules. Choose a style that matches the design of your door. Decide on the look you want to go for. Decide how much contrast you want the hardware to have against the black of your door.

A final thought. The efforts you make to renovate your front door will definitely pay off. First, it will give you a boost each time you see your attractive front door.

What’s more, a recent survey on moneypit.com claims that upgrading a front door can increase the value of your home by up to $24,000.

We hope this has inspired you to take a fresh look at the entrance to your home and will help you to create a stunning and original first impression.