Why is Patio Furniture So Expensive?

You may have started shopping for patio furniture, and now you are here because you want to find out why the lawn chair you want for your deck is almost as expensive as your favorite indoor chair. The quick answer is that the material for patio furniture needs to be top-notch to endure the elements.

There is still a range of prices when it comes to lawn chairs and patio furniture. The price often depends on the material. Here’s a breakdown of the different materials and why they come with a high price tag.

Wooden Patio Furniture

If you’re looking for quality wooden patio furniture, you’ll want your lawn chair made from teak. Patio furniture made from teak is all-weather and is known for its strength. Teak creates its own oil and can last for up to 50 years.

If you want wooden lawn chairs, you want to buy teak, or you’ll be spending money again in no time due to deterioration.

While teak is an excellent choice for patio furniture, it is also expensive because of high demand and a limited supply due to government legislation to reduce logging.

Metal Patio Furniture

You can buy three different types of metal patio furniture: cast aluminum, wrought iron, and steel.

All three are excellent materials for patio furniture; the way you use your lawn chairs and where you live will determine which one is the most suitable of the metal choices.

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When buying metal patio furniture and lawn chairs, you’ll want to make sure they have a protective coating to increase their rust resistance, and this will increase the price.

metal patio chairs

Cast Aluminum

Cast aluminum lawn chairs are lightweight and durable. The lightweight nature of cast aluminum lawn chairs and patio furniture makes them easy to move, but high wind gusts can easily sweep them away.

The coating to make your patio furniture weather resistant is going to contribute to the high price of your patio furniture, but it will protect your investment, so you can enjoy it for years to come.

Wrought Iron

Wrought iron lawn chairs and patio furniture are much heavier than those made of cast aluminum and can be difficult to move. However, it’s one of the best materials for outdoor furniture because of its longevity.

Wrought iron lawn chairs and patio furniture are expensive because they are hand-crafted. This is great if you’re looking for something that is unique, but it comes with a price.


A combination of carbon and iron makes steel lawn chairs and patio furniture. This blend of metals makes the lawn chairs and patio furniture solid and rust-resistant. Still, you’ll want to ensure it has a protective coating to fully prevent rust.

Stainless steel is the most expensive option for lawn chairs and patio furniture, but it’s money well spent because it is easy to clean.

plastic garden chairs

High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE)

If you’re considering plastic, the best type to look for is HDPE plastic. This plastic creates lawn chairs and patio furniture that look wooden, without the worries of deterioration.

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HDPE is a durable plastic, and similar to cast aluminum, HDPE lawn chairs and patio furniture are lightweight.

HDPE plastic patio furniture is expensive because it’s made to withstand the elements outdoors better than regular plastic.


There you have it. Why are lawn chairs and patio furniture so expensive? It is because they are durable.

They have to endure rain, regular use, and possibly harsh winter weather if not brought inside. If you want a lawn chair or patio furniture that will last you a long time, you need to be prepared to spend a little more than you might have initially guessed.